Public procurements and subsidy payments from operational programmes (OPEI, OPPC)

Public procurements represent both for the contracting authorities, which are responsible for their realization, and the tenderers a very demanding and formalized administration procedure which is now in addition to that affected by the new legal regulation efficient since 1 October 2016. In this process only the tenderer can succeed, who brings forward a formally perfect bidder and will be able to enforce his rights effectively. The contracting authority must be prepared to lead the public procurement with appropriate care so that its proceeding could not be found unlawful. Considering that the application practice regarding the Public Procurement Act is only being developed now, it is necessary to cooperate with an experienced advisor who has dedicated himself to this matter in the long term and is able to deal with the traps of the new legal regulation.  

The processes of tenders rendered in connection with subsidy payments from the chosen operational programme (OPEI, OPPC) are similarly complicated. For the applicants for the subsidies, there is an essential possibility to recover the subsidy claims from the concluded grant contract, the provision of which was denied to them without reason.

In the area of Public Procurement Law and operational programmes, we provide following legal and administration services:

  • administration of procurement procedures including those realised within the operational programmes,
  • preparation of tenders for the tenderers,
  • drafting of objections and motions regarding review of the actions of the contracting authority,
  • representation before the Office for the Protection of Competition,
  • representation in disputes regarding the provision of subsidies.

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