Protection of personal data

The legal regulation of the protection of personal data and data of a personal nature belongs to the dynamically developing branches of law.  Also due to the fact that protection against unauthorized collection, disclosure or other misuse of personal data and the right to privacy are among the fundamental rights and freedoms of every person, guaranteed by the constitutional law of the Czech Republic, international treaties and EU law, we are witnessing a continuous unification and precision of personal data protection not only in the Czech Republic but throughout the European Union. Great importance in this respect will undoubtedly bring the effectiveness of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council - GDPR in May 2018, related legislation and application practice.

The above changes result in a number of obligations arising for state authorities, self-governing corporations, public institutions as well as for companies and associations operating with personal data and data of a personal nature relating to their customers, business partners or employees, including, in specified cases, for example, new records of processing, the establishment of a DPO or notification and notification of security breaches.

It should be noted that the control and sanction activities of courts and authorities of individual nation states in this direction are also being activated. The difference in the level and intensity of control between EU Member States may also play a role in the need to harmonise internal rules and the practices of operators in this respect.

In the area of personal data protection, we provide the following legal services:

  • comprehensive legal analysis – audit of the client's current practice
  • ensuring compliance
  • preparation of standardized documentation – preparation of internal regulations, preparation of contracts with processors
  • GDPR training
  • consultancy
  • dealing with personal data subjects and data of a personal nature as well as with the supervisory authority
  • co-sourcing to the internal data protection officer or provision of the services of the data protection officer by our law firm
  • representation of natural and legal persons in negotiations and disputes concerning personal data, including the exercise of the right to be forgotten

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