Law of Associations

With the legal regulation contained in the Civil Code, new terminology has been adopted which has provided the already well-established legal institutes with new terms. This change had an impact also on Associations of Citizens which have been denominated as Associations since 1 January 2014. From experience of our attorney office we know that an Association isn´t always a small association of few people. It often comprises subjects which are organizationally and economically significant and which provide all sorts of services in areas like IT, science, sport, culture, or protection of human rights. The growing membership and wider range of provided services also entail major legal responsibility of the association and its bodies. In this area, our attorney office offers mainly these services:

  • help with the transformation of Associations of Citizens to Associations and connected review of articles of association and internal rules,
  • establishment of an association or branch association including the draft of the articles of association and internal regulations,
  • legal advisory for statutory bodies of the association,
  • preparation of and help with general meetings.

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