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Attorney office Biem & Schýbal – connection of flexibility and erudition.


We emphase quality and accuracy of work. From that reason we cooperate in the long term with the Attorney office Biem & Schýbal which provides us excellent legal advisory in the area of Procurement Law. 


For us was fundamental to find an attorney office which can orientate itself in complicated cases concerning business law with overlap to other branches and that will at the same time effectively enforce our rights while negotiating with the counterparty. 

Ústav struktury a mechaniky hornin AV ČR, v. v. i.

We particularly value the overview in matter of public research institutions and quality legal support with administration of tenders and solution of projects.

Ústav preventivního a sportovního lékařství

We value Attorney office Biem & Schýbal for its professional approach and hundrer-per-cent reliability. 


Attorney office Biem & Schýbal is for us a significant legal support in area of rights in property. 

SMAPO, správa nemovitostí s.r.o.

I used to think that a skillfull businessman can manage also solving of legal relations. However then I got to know the work of Attorney office Biem & Schýbal and today I know that a successfull and faithful businessman builds on quality legal basis.

Organizace pro pomoc uprchlíkům

When you help people in necessity there is nothing that would please you more then knowing that you are not alone… 


There is not a more important place for qualite and reliable partnership then at advocates and counsels in official matters. Therefore we very much value the human approach and excellent work in favour of our Association and thus in favour of all our clients. Thank you! Michal Roškaňuk, director of organization Adventor o. s. 

Spolek Šalamoun

There is a real value of an attorney at law in legal help to people in need.


Cooperation with Attorney office Biem & Schýbal released us from our concerns connected with solution of legal matters and allowed us to focus as much as possible on developement of our business. Whenever we need to solve a legal problem we ask only Attorney office Biem & Schýbal. 


Help of Attorney office Biem & Schýbal with arrangement of complete and successful administration in a number of tenders realized in frame of operational programmes OPEI saved us lot of concerns and time and brought us success in realized projects at the same time.

B. CH.

In the criminal proceeding I have found myself in a situation where I felt for the first time in my life that I am alone on everything. Fortunately I have been represented by Mgr. Tomáš Biem who achieved an essential turn-over while representing me successfully even in proceeding before the Supreme Court which finally led to the discharge of unjustified accusation of me. 

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