Compensation for damage to health

The right for compensation for damage or harm represents a very specific and very variable area of tort law. The new legal regulation facilitates far wider enforcement of compensation for damages, particularly in the area of non-pecuniary damages. The compensation of non-pecuniary damage is a significant claim within the damage to health which supplements the right for compensation for the loss of earnings, compensation for pain and suffering and compromised job prospects in the society. In comparison with the previous legal regulation, the Civil Code enables the survivors to claim the non-pecuniary damage incurred by the loss of a close person. Considering that the damage to health represents often a severe interference with the life of the injured person, our office provides, after preliminary analysis, legal services without payment in advance, the reward is requested only when the matter is solved successfully. Furthermore, the injured persons are exempt from the court tax when they are recovering their claim based on damages or non-pecuniary damage to health:

  • recovery of damages and non-pecuniary damage to health,
  • recovery of damages and non-pecuniary damage connected with an occupational accident,
  • arrangement of entire communication with the insurance company connected with claim settlement,
  • representation in all negotiations and in the potential court proceeding.

Compensation for damages and non-pecuniary damage is also a claim based on damage incurred in the course of an incorrect administrative procedure of public authority, their unlawful decision or length of respective proceeding. We offer clients our help in this area as well.

Members of our attorney office are registered as providers of legal help to victims of crime according to the Crime Victims Act.


  • Recovery of damages caused to victims of crime.

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